Our bees live in hives like these.  Each hive can hold up to 60,000 bees! The queen is in the middle.  Bees work tirelessly to feed the queen so she can lay eggs and to build a honey reserve, all solely to sustain the hive. Each bee has a specific role in a hive, such as queen, drone, attendant, forager, soldier, and scout.  A bee may progress through several roles in her lifetime.  All bees, except drones, are female. Foraging bees seek pollen to help the hive reproduce and nectar to make honey.  Honey bees are the only type of bee that makes honey.  They make it from blossoms found in vast meadows, such as this one. Bees store their honey in honeycomb.  They flap their wings to maintain 17% humidity until the comb is capped to lock in that freshness. We open the honeycomb and remove the honey with a centrifuge, like this one. Our honey is strained once to remove solids.  It will keep indefinitely if kept sealed.
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    A Fantastic Natural Sweetener
    100% Pure and unfiltered
    Environmentally sustainable
    Organic and Kosher
    Endorsed by PA Preferred

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Our organic wildflower honey is made according to natural beekeeping practices in Malvern, West Chester and Broomall in Chester County and Delaware County, PA.

Our honey contains all of the pollen, vitamins, minerals and natural antibiotics you expect in local honey. It is never filtered, pasteurized nor blended with foreign honey.

Natural beekeeping practices are similar to organic gardening. We use no drugs nor chemicals inside the hive. This means our honey and wax are free of these contaminants other beekeepers routinely use.

We are conveniently located in West Chester.
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We have beeswax available! Fresh and pure, straight from the hives!

Our 2oz honey bears are great for baby and wedding shower gift bags!

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Sugartown Strawberries (Malvern)
Venice Pizza & Pasta (Malvern)